7 Advantages of an Indoor Football Pitch

You don’t have to be outside to enjoy a cracking game of football. Indoor football pitches are so convenient and make for a beautiful game. We’ve picked out 7 fantastic advantages that you may not of thought of when considering an Indoor Football Pitch for your next game and why you should pay a visit to our state-of-the-art soccer dome, here in Dublin.

1. Football All Year Round, Whatever the Weather

OK, you probably already thought of this one, but picture this. No rain. No wind. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. In fact, it’s perfect. An Indoor Football Pitch will allow you to play whatever the weather, all year round. You won’t have to worry about getting mud on your kit or slipping over after torrential rain has ruined the pitch. You won’t have to think about the wind interfering with the direction of the ball. And even better, your spectators won’t have to face the terrible weather; no-one really wants to stand in the rain to cheer you on. And perhaps the best part of all? There is also no risk of your game being cancelled due to bad weather!

2. Flat Terrain to Show off Your Skills

One of the beauties of an Indoor Football Pitch is the smooth, flat ground, that will really let you show off your Cruyff turns and step overs. The even terrain will allow you to move the ball the way you want to and there is no worry of trips from uneven ground, ruined by studs and rain. This helps to reduce mistakes and missed opportunities, allowing for a smoother flow of play.

3. Expertly Maintained Grounds

Our state-of-the-art 4G (infill-free) astro pitches are perfectly maintained and will always provide a great game of football. As there is no risk of weather damage or stud marks, the ground will always stay perfect. It’s the same for the goals, too. We also have netting around each pitch, to allow the flow of play to proceed without interruptions such as losing the ball.

4. Play into the Night and in the Light

Our soccer dome is open until 11pm, so you can play in to the night without the worry of poor lighting or dropping temperatures. Footballing under a poorly lit flood light isn’t always fun. Our indoor pitches have fantastic lighting to ensure you play at your best.

5. Reduce the Risk of Injury

As studs are not allowed on the pitch, you don’t have to worry about painful kicks to the leg during a tackle. The state-of-the-art synthetic grass pitches have a layer of shock absorbers to help prevent against injuries normally associated with outdoor pitches. No rain means no slips too!

6. Clean and Tidy Facilities

As an indoor air dome, we can easily keep our facilities clean and tidy, making it a welcoming environment for players and viewers. For those coming along to watch the match, we have a ample viewing space around the pitches and vending machines, so you can grab a snack whilst enjoying the game.

7. You Can Book Events

Well, at our stunning soccer dome you can. If it’s a birthday, stag do or any other special occasion coming up, why not book a fun footballing event at our Indoor Football Pitch in Dublin. Play 5, 6 or 9 a-side matches followed by some food and refreshments. You can also choose to play tag rugby, ultimate Frisbee , Segway Adventures, etc. Our astro pitches are perfect for a fun activity. We even have a dedicated class room for coaching sessions. Why not contact us about booking an event.

If you’re interested in booking a game at our stunning Indoor Soccer dome, why not send us a message or give us a call. You can also book online.

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