The Perfect Venue for your Football Birthday Party

Our state of the art 4G (infill free) indoor football astro-pitches provide a safe and suitable environment for children to play and have fun. We have three dedicated party areas which can be used for football, fun and refreshments. Get in touch today and start planning a day they won't forget!

Looking for the Waiver Form? Click here!

We take care of everything

Each birthday party comes with a dedicated party host, who looks after all the logistics on the day. You just sit back, relax and enjoy!

Football, football, football!

After all, this is why we're here! The kids go off to the modern & spacious pitch and play to their hearts' content. Our astro-turf is soft and squishy; Ideal for them to have fun on.

Up to 60 children

We have packages for all need and we can host parties up to 60 children. Small groups, large groups, we cater for all! Who said 3 is a crowd?

Food & Drinks

Who doesn't like pizza? And what about unlimited juice? We make sure the kids have enough energy to play for hours on end. 

Safely & Fairly

Our Party Room Host will make sure your children stay safe whilst our dedicated referee will keep them into a spirit of fair play. 

Loads of Fun!

The Soccer Dome is simply the perfect place to host your kid's birthday party. The little ones will have tons of fun whilst you will love seeing them run around. 

Forget about the logistics

We set up the room, the plates, tumblers, serviettes etc... All you need to do is invite your child's friends and watch the magic unravel.

Souvenir Medal

Your child and his/her friends (depending on the packages) will leave the Soccer Dome having had a great time as well as a souvenir medal.

Sit Back & Enjoy

Take the worry of organising a birthday party out of the equation. We have done this hundreds of times before and we know exactly what to expect.

Get in touch and let the planning begin!

A package to suit you

We've put together these packages below. If you're looking for something a little different, get in touch with us and let's see how we can make your little one's day memorable!

The Big Pitch Package

For parties over 20 children and up to 30 children, see below. 



max. 30 CHILDREN



max. 30 CHILDREN



max. 30 CHILDREN

Please note

For a group of 31 to 40 and up to 60 we can book 2 or 3 parties side by side (pitches and party rooms side by side).

  • Maximum of 20 children per party (30 per Big Pitch party).
  • Minimum age of 7.
  • All children must be supervised at all times by an adult (not to include the referee).
  • Party Safety Rules must be read by the parent hosting the party. Click here to view these rules.
  • A waiver form must be completed prior to use of Dublin Indoor Football. Participants under 18 years’ of age, must have the waiver form completed by a parent or a legal guardian. It is our policy, that a new waiver form is completed each & every time participants attend a birthday party at Dublin Indoor Football.
  • Please click here to download a printable version of our waiver. Parents can complete the waiver online with your party reference number (which will be emailed to you upon payment of deposit) or they may sign at reception on the day.
    In order to ensure you get full value from your party we kindly ask that you and your guests arrive on time.

What parents say about us

We've been doing this for a while and we're good at it! Check the testimonies below for an idea of what people say about us, the venue, the football!
Still not convinced? Get in touch and let's meet!