Everything You Need to Know About An Indoor Football Pitch

Looking to start playing some indoor football? If you are and want to find out more, like the size of the pitch, what the turf is like and what to expect, we’ve got it all covered in this article. Indoor football is a fantastic way to have a kickabout without having to worry about the weather, muddy boots, or getting kicked in the leg with studded boots. There are so many other perks, so read on to find out everything you need to know about an indoor football pitch.

What are the Dimensions of an Indoor Football Pitch?

As 5-a-side football pitches have far less players than an 11-a-side pitch, the dimensions are different to suit that game. 5-a-side pitches are usually 40 x 30 yards, which in metres is 36.5m x 27.5m. So that’s roughly half the size of an 11-a-side pitch, which makes sense. The penalty area is usually 6.5 yards from the goal line and the goal tends to be 3 yards wide. These pitches are fantastic for these smaller games and you can fit many pitches in one place, to allow for multiple games at any one time.

What is the Turf like on an Indoor Football Pitch?

Our state of the art 4G (infill free) indoor football astro-pitches provide a safe and suitable environment for everyone to play soccer and have fun. Being indoors, you don’t have to worry about mud or the ground getting churned up, meaning you will have a smooth game every time.

What are the Boundaries?

There are no out of bounds lines on the side of the pitch, so the game will run smoothly with no stops if the ball goes to the side. This is fantastic for 5-a-side, as it is a shorter game meaning every minute is precious. When playing 5-a-side, only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball within the penalty area. The goalkeeper is not allowed to leave their area and if they do a penalty kick may be awarded to the opposite team. If a penalty is awarded, this must be taken from the centre of the pitch.

Changing Facilities

At our indoor soccer dome, you can take advantage of our beautiful changing facilities. As you’re indoors, the changing facilities are kept clean and tidy, with no mud in sight! So you don’t have to worry about taking a dirty kit home that clogs up the washing machine.

Viewing Area for Adoring Fans

Your fans can come along and watch on the side, whilst taking advantage of the drink and snacks available on site. As we’re indoors, they can stay warm and dry whilst watching you show off your football skills.

What Kit to Wear on an Indoor Football Pitch?

Generally, you can wear your normal kit, however, studs are a no-no. These will damage the pitch, so it is best to wear trainers or boots that are designed for indoor pitches. It’s always advisable to wear shin pads for safety.

What Other Games and Activities Can You Do?

We also host parties for birthdays, stag / hen dos and corporate events. You can organise a kick about or enjoy a number of other fun filled activities, like Tag Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Segway Polo and other Segway activities. This can come with food packages and you can even take advantage of our bar. This is perfect is you have an occasion to celebrate or you want to take your team out for a team building activity.

There are so many advantages of an indoor football pitch and If you want to book a pitch or an event at our indoor soccer dome, get in contact. We can help you organise your football matches, a team event, a birthday or stag do.

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