Fine Prints

We know, nobody like these, but they are important! Make sure you go through these before making any booking!

Pitch Rules

General Rules
Members of the public enter the premises and play on the pitches at own risk. (Football is a contact sport.)
Strictly NO unaccompanied children allowed on the premises – children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
All pitches must be paid in full prior to play.

On The Pitch
Players under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Players must be over 5 years of age for children’s parties.
NO studs, blades (metal or plastic) or mouldies allowed – ASTRO BOOTS ONLY.
NO slide tackles.
NO food.
NO alcohol.
NO smoking.
NO drinks (unless contained in a plastic sports bottle).
NO chewing gum.
NO spitting.
NO heavy or sharp objects on the surface.
NO inappropriate behaviour, such as swearing, pushing, shoving or violence.
NO dirty boots – all footwear should be clean.
NO jewellery – remove all jewellery including wedding bands & earrings before entering pitch.
The Management reserve the right to refuse entry.


Party Safety Rules

Whilst we are an indoor facility providing children’s parties and we are here to assist your party in having a fun and memorable day, the safety of children at Dublin Indoor Football is paramount. As such, we ask that you take the time to read the following rules & guidelines to ensure the safety of all children:

  • It is the responsibility of the parent(s) hosting the party to ensure that all children under the age of 18 years of age are supervised by an adult at ALL times (even if you have a referee).
  • If you are providing a referee, they must be a certified/qualified and experienced referee/coach over 18 years’ age.
  • If there is an incident/accident with a child, please proceed to the reception area and notify a member of staff immediately AND the child’s parents/guardians when they arrive to collect them.
  • Children are not permitted on any pitch before/ after the party duration (your party will be 2 hours in duration or 90 minutes) and must vacate the pitch immediately after the party.
  • Even with a referee, an adult must be present pitch-side to supervise the children at all times.
  • You must NOT leave the premises.

If you are the supervising adult, it is your responsibility to ensure that the children adhere to the following rules:

  • No running allowed outside of the football pitch area
  •  No climbing or standing on furniture in the party pod.
  • Strictly no shaking or climbing of goals and/ or netting area
  • No fighting (pushing, shoving, sliding), spitting or profanities on the pitch or elsewhere
  • No blades, mouldies or studs permitted
  • No food or drinks permitted outside of party room
  • You must accompany children to the toilets, our staff are happy to assist when possible but they will not take children on their own.


There are a few common sense rules you have to follow. Astro-boots only allowed on the pitch (check the image on the left) and then the common ones (no: smoking, drinking alcohol, inappropriate behaviour, spitting, etc.). Management reserves the right to escort you out or refuse entry. Members of the public enter the premises and play on the pitches at own risk. Football is a contact sport and accidents can happen. 

Waiver forms are available here.
Party Safety Rules (for parents) are here. 
Allergy Advice Sheet is available here.

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Why Choose the Soccer Dome?

We've asked around us and these are a few of the things that people like about us. But don't take their word for it, come and see for yourself!

Whatever the Weather

The Soccer Done is the only premier indoor football pitch in Dublin, and overall Ireland. Whether it is raining or hailing, we will provide you with the perfect conditions for a game. 

Quality Pitches

Our state of the art 4G (infill free) indoor football astro-pitches provide a safe and suitable environment for everyone to play soccer and have fun.

Open Every Day

We're open Monday to Sunday, from 10am-10pm. No rest for the wicked, we're here to help you have a great game, all year long!

Till Late

We close out doors at 11pm. So if you want to slide in a sneaky game at 10pm, think of us! 


We're not far off the city centre. With the M50and the M1 around the corner and the variety of buses linking to the Soccer Dome, we are only 20 minutes away from you!


We try to keep the prices of the pitches as affordable as possible. Talk to us about reoccurring bookings for discounts!

Not just Football

We offer a variety of activities, including segway, Ultimate Frisbee, etc. Thinking of having your child's birthday party, corporate event, stag party somewhere fun? Get in touch. 


Logistics don't scare us! If you're thinking of hosting your event at the Soccer Dome, we're sure we can help with the logistics. Let's chat!