Health Concerns with 3G Infill Pitches – What You Need to Know

There have been recent concerns about injuries and risks to health surrounding 3G Infill pitches. In fact, 3G pitches all around Holland have been ripped up amid fears that they are having a negative effect on the health of both children and adults who use the pitches. But why? Is there a problem with all 3G Infill pitches around the world? We will discuss what these health concerns are, how these pitches are different to ours and explain how our 4G state-of-the-art pitch is actually a lot safer than outdoor pitches too.

Why are 3G pitches a concern?

The fears have stemmed from the rubber infill that was used on these pitches. The rubber from these pitches are usually sourced from tyres from the petrochemical industry, meaning they can pose carcinogenic risks to health, which is why these pitches are being removed. You may also hear this being referred to as ‘rubber crumb’. This rubber crumb can be kicked up when sport is played, which can then come into contact with the skin. If you have ever played on a 3G pitch, you may have experienced this or found black specs on your clothes or boots. This is where the concerns are coming from. Research is still being under-taken, but it is thought that some footballers who have played on these pitches have been diagnosed with cancer, thought to have been caused by carcinogens in the rubber crumb. Although this is still speculative, it is obviously very concerning. Though the standards vary elsewhere, other countries are considering the risk of their own infill pitches too. As children use these pitches, it is no surprise that action was taken to remove this risk. Fortunately, investments are being made to create safer pitches, meaning sports can still be enjoyed but the dangers are being removed.

Does our 4G pitch have rubber infill and is it a risk?

Though this all may be extremely worrying, fortunately the rules are a lot stricter in the UK. We are happy to reassure that we 100% do not use rubber in-fill or ‘rubber crumb’. We use a ‘grass carpet’ and a shock absorber, that contains absolutely no sand or rubber infill, which we are very proud of. This is what makes our indoor pitch a fantastic place to play football and a safe place too. So you will never find black rubber specs on your clothes or annoying sand that can be painful is you fall over. Our state-of-the-art 4G pitch is extremely safe to use and created to enhance play.

Not only are our pitches safe in the sense that there are no potentially dangerous materials inside them, they are also a lot neater and smoother than outdoor pitches. With no holes and studs marks, you can be sure that you won’t be tripping over or falling over your ankles due to uneven ground. The shock absorbers allow the floor to react to every movement and works to keep your body safe.

What are the other benefits of an Indoor Pitch?

All weather, clean and mud-free… these are just a few of the other benefits of an indoor football pitch. It’s a great place for spectators too, as they don’t have to worry about standing out in bad weather. As the grounds can be easily maintained, the space can also be used for lots of other activities, such as zorb-football, tag-rugby and even segway-ing!

As it is indoors, you don’t have to worry about the light fading either, and you can also make sure your belongings are kept safe and dry at all times.


We hope this has reassured anyone who is concerned about the risk to health associated with indoor pitches. With no rubber crumb or sand infill, our grass carpet pitch is completely safe to use and offers are fantastic ground for sports. It’s what makes our soccer dome unique! For more information about our 4G pitch, you can find out more here. If you’re interested in booking a game at our stunning Indoor Soccer Dome, why not send us a message or give us a call. You can also book online.

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