How to Get Your Child into Football

Has your little superstar shown an interest in football and you’re wondering how to progress this into a hobby? It’s wonderful to watch your child engage in a new skill and enjoy taking part in a sport. So, how do you get your child into football? As well as taking part in soccer at school, you can bring your child along to our indoor soccer dome. In this article, we will help you understand the benefits of football, what it will cost, what you will need and generally help you with how to get the ball rolling (excuse the pun!).

What are the Benefits of a Child Learning Football?

First and foremost, the fitness benefits are fantastic. Football helps to reduce body fat and tone muscle. Your child’s strength will improve, as well as their cardiovascular health. Getting a child into a sport at a young age will set them up for a healthy life and will help them understand the importance of exercise. Football is also known to help bone strength. As well as this, your child’s coordination will excel, which helps in other areas of life too.

What Skills Will They Learn?

As well as the excellent exercise your child will get, Football will also benefit their ability to work as a team, their social skills, cognitive skills and ability to understand rules. These are fantastic learning curves which will help your child reach important milestones, as well as having a lot of fun doing something they enjoy. They will learn the highs and lows of winning and losing and the importance of trying their best and taking part in something they are passionate about.

What Kit Will I Need to buy?

As with most sports, you will need to buy some kit so your child can play football. The most important pieces of kit your child will need are a football/sports t-shirt, football shorts, football socks, shin-pads and football boots. If your child is playing at an indoor pitch, you will need to get football boots suitable for astroturf (no studs). It is also handy to get a boot/sports bag to put all the equipment in, but your child’s P.E bag will also be sufficient. If your child is playing in goal, you may also want to buy them some goalkeeping gloves. A major benefit of our indoor soccer dome is that we’re indoors… meaning no mud… meaning clean sports kits that don’t cake the inside of your washing machine with dirt! Brilliant!

When and How Can My Child Take Part in Football?

Every Wednesday, for 60 minutes, we host a club for children to improve technical football skills. We use Coerver® Coaching, a football skills teaching method suited for all ages, especially for players aged 4-15 years old of all abilities. This focuses on individual skills development and small group play and is endorsed and recommended by the top federations. These coaching sessions help children develop self-confidence as well as improve other skills, such as listening, extended concentration, speedy reactions, core social skills of communication and cooperation. And the most important part, they have fun! If you want to book your child in for our coaching sessions, find out more here. We also host Friday football fun, where your child can play a full game of football whilst your sit and enjoy a coffee. This a great step from the coaching sessions and will certainly get your child active and enjoying football.

What Will it Cost?

Our Friday football fun costs just 5 euro a child, but make sure to pre-book so your child gets a space. This is a fantastic price when you consider everything your child will learn, the exercise benefits and the wonderful skills they will develop over time.

If you want to speak to us to find out more about how to get your child into football, contact us here. Our state of the art soccer dome is the perfect place to learn and practise football. With food and beverages available as well as a viewing area, parents can comfortably sit and watch with a cuppa too.

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