• Children’s parties must be booked online under PARTY you cannot make a pitch booking for a party.
  • A deposit of €135 must be paid to confirm the reservation and the
    balance is paid on arrival on the party day, when we know the exact number of children attending. We will never request the balance prior to the party day or via PayPal.
    The online system requires the customer to provide an email address and mobile telephone number and to input the cardholder’s name, card type, card expiry date and the security code (ccv or similar) in order to make payment.
  • The customer should ensure all details on the booking are correct before confirming the purchase of their party booking.  Dublin Indoor Football do not accept responsibility for bookings that are incorrect due to an error on the part of the customer (for example incorrect, time, date, party/pitch size selected etc).  You should only invite the number of guests to the maximum allowed on the party package, we will not allow extra children on the pitch.  The maximum number of children is 18 for party package 1 and 24 for party package 2.
  • No outside food it permitted at the venue with the exception of a birthday cake or cup cakes.  No food is allowed outside the party pod. Children play a football game for an hour when the party starts and food is served an hour later, all food is eaten at the same time and you must vacate the party pod when the children are finished their food. We will need the pod back to clean up and set up for the next party.
  • No novelty candles or sparklers allow. We do not allow banners or signs on the walls of the party pods.
  • We do not allow football boots, mouldies, blades or studs on the pitches.  Foot ware allowed, rubber astro boots or trainers.  No playing in stocking or bare feet allow.
  • Children are not allowed to climb or hang from the nets or goals.  They are not allowed to stands on chairs or tables around the venue or in the party pods.
  • If a child is injured or falls during play they will be taken to the parents at the side of the pitch.
  • An adult must supervise the children at all times and must stay for the
    duration of the party or until all children have been collected. 
  • Children are not allowed on the premises on their own. Ideally you should arrive ten minutes prior to your party time and leave the venue in a timely manner when the party time is finished.
  • Whilst we do provide a referee for the football game and a party host to assist, staff do not provide a supervisory function.  The party host/parents must look after the children, ensure fair play and assist with toilet breaks.
  • A waiver must be signed by an adult for each child every time they attend a party at Dublin Indoor Football.
  • Children under 5 years are not allowed on the pitches.
  • Parties can be booked for children aged 7 years to 15 years.
  • A maximum of two children can share a party on an adult 5v5 and 6v6
  • A maximum of three children can share a party on our adult 9v9 pitch.  For larger groups two separate parties can be booked on pitches and party pods side by side. The maximum number allowed for any one party is 40 children.
  • Patrons should abide by all notices and safety signage in place at the premises.
  • Patrons should acknowledge that all reasonable efforts have been made to provide a low risk environment at the premises however children who attend the venue will engage in physical activity and as such there is an inherent risk of injury.
  • Patrons shall accept that no liability shall attach to the premises for  injury, damage or loss suffered to any person as a result of an accident or as a result of the actions of another patron.
  • Patrons must report any incidents or accidents to staff immediately on occurrence
  • Patrons must accept Dublin Indoor Football is not responsible for any loss or damage in respect of the personal belongings of patrons while they are in attendance at the premises or using our car parking facilities.
  • Any lost property found on the premises will be stored in our lost property area and kept for up to six weeks, after this time it is donated to a local charity.  If you loose or leave behind something please let us know as soon as possible and also the details of what we are looking for.
  • We will do our best to get back to as quickly as possible and let you know if we may have the item.