Pitch Rules

General Rules
  1. Members of the public enter the premises and play on the pitches at own risk
  2. Strictly NO unaccompanied children allowed on the premises – children must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  3. All pitches must be paid in full prior to play
On The Pitch
  1. Players under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  2. Players must be over 6 years of age for children’s parties
  3. NO studs, blades (metal or plastic) or mouldies allowed – ASTRO BOOTS ONLY
  4. NO slide tackles
  5. NO food
  6. NO alcohol
  7. NO smoking
  8. NO drinks (unless contained in a plastic sports bottle)
  9. NO chewing gum
  10. NO spitting
  11. NO heavy or sharp objects on the surface
  12. NO inappropriate behaviour, such as swearing, pushing, shoving or violence
  13. NO dirty boots – all footwear should be clean
  14. NO jewellery – remove all jewellery including wedding bands & earrings before entering pitch
  15. The Management reserve the right to refuse entry