What Kit Do You Need to Play Indoor Football?

Looking to get into football but not sure what kit you need? Or thinking about playing at an indoor soccer dome? There are a few differences in what kit you can wear at an indoor soccer venue compared to playing outdoors. Our premier soccer dome is the only indoor football venue in Dublin, allowing you to play football all year round, whatever the weather. So, although you won’t be getting muddy, it’s still important you wear the right kit. The proper gear can make all the difference to your performance – but what kit is needed to play the beautiful game indoors?

What Football Boots are suitable for an Indoor Football Pitch?

It is important to ensure you have the right footwear to keep you at the top of your game. Our state-of-the-art 4G (infill free) indoor football astro-pitches ensure a smooth flow of play, so when it comes to footwear, boots with studs or blades (metal and plastic) are not allowed. Not only will they damage the surface, but they may also increase the risk of knee or lower leg injury when used on a 4G surface.

We would recommend astro-turf/artificial grass boots or football trainers with a rubber sole. These provide comfort and grip on the pitches, let you move freely without snagging studs, mouldies or blades, and allow you to show off your best skills. Playing on an indoor pitch means no mud, which is one the benefits, so make sure your boots are clean before play begins.

If you’re buying new boots, make sure you try them on before you play and ensure they suit your foot type. A lot of boots will mould to the shape of your foot, but they may need breaking in a little before. Remember to try on your boots with football socks, as you may find you need to go up a size for comfort.

What Clothing Should I Wear?

When it comes to deciding what to wear, the benefit of playing indoors means you don’t have to worry about getting cold and wet! Plus, our advanced synthetic grass pitches have a layer of shock absorbers to help prevent against injuries normally associated with outdoor pitches. This doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen, so always make sure you are wearing shin pads. You can still get knocked easily, even on a soft, indoor pitch, so if you do choose to wear them make sure your socks are long enough to pull up over the shin pads.

It’s best to wear a breathable, lightweight t-shirt or football shirt. This is the same for shorts or jogging bottoms. This will help with sweat and keep you cool during the game. Football kits are usually made from polyester, which is a more breathable fabric. Some include a drying technology that moves sweat into a separate layer of the fabric, which will keep you more comfortable throughout the game. You can wear a normal t-shirt if your sports kit is in the wash (although be prepared for sweat patches!)

For added comfort, you can wear a base layer to help with uncomfortable chaffing and to control sweat. These can also help to regulate your temperature.

Avoid wearing any jewellery. It’s best to remove all jewellery including wedding bands and earrings before entering pitch to avoid any unnecessary and painful injuries.

Extra Equipment and Accessories

If you’re a goalie, you will probably have your own gloves. You will still need to wear these when playing football indoors. Gloves help to save goals and protect your hands from saving a fast ball. If you are looking at setting up a 5-a-side competition, some players get bibs or shirts made for their teams. A lot of players just wear the same coloured shirt to distinguish between teams. Don’t forget to get yourself some good, breathable football socks that fit comfortably over your shin pads and in your boots. Finally, you might want a gym bag to keep all this equipment in. You can get these at any sports store.

If you’re looking to get into football on a more serious level, having the right kit can really help with your game, so it’s worth investing in this. Get in touch if want more answers on what to wear. You can send us a message or give us a call here.


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