Why You Should Host a Corporate Event at Dublin Indoor Soccer Dome

Team building, the annual Christmas do, a work milestone… whatever your corporate event might be, why not host it somewhere different? Situated in Dublin, we are a fantastic distance from the city centre, close to bars, restaurants and excellent transport links. We offer fun and active corporate events, that are the perfect way to build team morale. It is also a fun way to compete against other teams in the business or other companies.

Why is Football good for morale and team building?

As football is a team sport, it is a fantastic way to get colleagues to work together, especially those from different parts of the company who don’t work very closely together. Team morale can easily slip at work, so organising an engaging and energy boosting event could be just the trick to help morale. The competitive element brings the team together and marking someone on the other team keeps everyone interacting. Your team will love doing something outside of the office that’s fun and social. If you’re planning to go for dinner afterwards, you can do so without having to make awkward small talk, as you’ll have a whole football match to talk about and how the Managing Director played excellent in goal.

What does the Corporate Event involve at Dublin Indoor Football?

You can choose for us to arrange your company or intercompany leagues and tournaments. You can bring just two sides or have multiple games taking place at one time. We will take care of everything for you and will provide referees, bibs and footballs. Just pick your teams and choose your names and you’ll be ready to go! Food and drinks can be provided during the event. Even better, after the game, we can arrange catering for the whole group! This can include cold beers and/or wine with pizzas or we can also provide a full sit down 3 course meal or buffet. This is a great way to host your whole event under one roof, without having to book a table elsewhere after your event.

What is the cost and how many people can participate?

The events can be booked for a minimum of 20 people and a maximum of 250! So you can bring quite a lot of the team with you. The cost depends on the size of the group and what sport you would like to take part in. We don’t just offer football. You can also enjoy segway polo or tag rugby if your team would rather do something else! If there are members of the team who would rather not take part in the sport, they can sit back and watch the game with a drink and some snacks. As we are an indoor soccer dome, you don’t have to worry about your sporting event being rained off or cancelled, so once you set a date you know that it is set in stone.

Is there somewhere we can freshen up after the match?

Don’t worry! You won’t have to march a team of smelly colleagues out of the building after the game. We have hot showers and changing facilities, so if you’re doing something after, you can freshen up and get ready for the next part of your event.

If you’re interested in booking your corporate event with us, get in touch here! We will talk you through your sports options, find the right date for you and we can discuss catering options too. This event will be the talk of the team for years to come and we’ll hopefully keep you coming back for more team events.

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